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Retail Energy Code (REC)

On 1 February 2019, the Retail Energy Code (REC) came into force which Smart DCC has to comply with. This is a new multi-party agreement that sets out the framework for how the new Energy Sector Centralised Registration Service should work. As well as continuing to uphold the existing Smart Energy Code (SEC), DCC will also be required to follow rules in the REC.

The REC also sets out the rights and obligations of each Party. Some of these obligations are being fulfilled by our Service Providers as well as our own employees – especially those who are building and delivering the Switching service.        

The REC will be overseen by a REC Panel and administered by a REC Manager (both soon to be appointed). DCC together with Ofgem will be responsible for the development of further REC schedules known as REC v2.

For the current designated REC version and for more information on REC governance, visit the Ofgem website.