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Price Control

Smart DCC publishes its reporting year 19/20 price control submission.

Smart DCC is regulated by Ofgem, the Energy Regulator, to ensure that it is providing value for money to its customers.

Each year, Ofgem scrutinises the money that DCC has spent and what has been delivered through the "Price Control" process. This takes the form of a detailed submission which DCC is required to make by 31st July each year.  This is then followed up by Ofgem through detailed questions on the submission and a face-to-face cost visit.

There are parts of the submission which DCC cannot publish for reasons of commercial confidentiality and due to legal constraints imposed by the Utilities Act.  However, we want to provide as much useful information on our submission to our customers as possible.

This year we used the findings from a survey of our customers to inform how we wrote our submission, and what we publish. For the first time, we are publishing our submission to Ofgem on Performance, as well as our detailed Financial Reporting Commentary. Wherever practicable, and in keeping with our various obligations, we have published full versions of the submission, with the minimum amount of redactions.

Part 1 – Executive Summary

Part 2 – Internal Costs

Part 3 – External Costs

Part 4 - Services in Development

Part 5 - Performance

Part 6 - Baseline Margin Adjustment

Financial Reporting Commentary