The Executive Board

Jonathan Simcock
Managing Director

Jonathan has led DCC since the award of the Smart Meter Communication Licence in September 2013.

David Brown
Finance and Commercial Director

David is responsible for DCC's financial and commercial functions and for corporate governance.

Joan Whitehead
Chief Operating Officer

Joan will lead the transition of DCC systems from programme delivery into live and enduring operations. This involves building a secure, industrial-scale organisation and underlying processes to allow the energy industry to rollout and operate smart meters with confidence. Joan's portfolio covers operations, security, industry and communications.


Helen Fleming
Director of Corporate Affairs

Helen leads the development of DCC's regulatory capability and processes to ensure that Licence Conditions are met as DCC takes up its role at the heart of Great Britain's energy system. Working with DECC and Ofgem, Helen and her team will shape the future of the sector through developments such as Next Day Switching.


Ross McConachie
Programme Director

David is responsible for planning and delivering the SMETS2 programme. He has extensive experience in major delivery including having responsibility for delivery and operations of critical government infrastructure.


Matt Roderick
Chief Technology Officer

Matt is responsible for the overall design of the DCC systems and services together with the development of future services.