Enrolment and Adoption

Update 06 January 2017

On 6 December 2016 DCC held an event for stakeholders on its Initial Enrolment Project Feasibility Report (IEPFR), which is currently out for consultation. Slides from that session, along with a document summarising questions received, and DCC's answers, are available below. Please note that the closing date for the IEPFR consultation is 20 January 2017. 

These documents set out the material from the IEPFR industry event that DCC held on 6 December 2016.

IEPFR industry session 20161206 - Slides

IEPFR industry session 20161206 - Q&A


Update 13 July 2016

Following a review of the process and analysis for the Initial Enrolment Project Feasibility Report (IEPFR), we have re-planned the date for consultation. The following note describes the changes.

DCC Notice on the change of date for IEPFR consultation

DCC is working towards 'DCC Live' when its infrastructure to support smart meters based on Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification version 2 (SMETS2) will be available. SMETS2 is a standard developed by the Government.

In 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change now known as Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) initiated a Foundation Stage to the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, in which some energy suppliers started to install smart meters. Many Foundation smart meters are based on SMETS1, an initial standard created by the Government. In order to communicate with SMETS1 smart meters, energy suppliers have put in place their own data and communications infrastructure arrangements, and so these meters will be operating outside DCC when DCC live operations commences.

The Government's policy position is that DCC should assess how it could provide data and communications services for SMETS1 meters.

Section N of the Smart Energy Code sets out a requirement for DCC to prepare an Initial Enrolment Project Feasibility Report ("IEPFR"). This report will assess the feasibility, cost and risk of options for how DCC could provide data and communication services for SMETS1 smart meters in order to:

  • enable more efficient and effective operation
  • enable easier switching for customers with SMETS1 smart meters
  • reduce the risk of smart meters being replaced before the end of their operating lives

Timetable for IEPFR

DCC issued the timetable for the preparation of the IEPFR on 10 September 2015.  The high level timetable can be seen in figure 1 below.  For further details, key activities and milestones for Supplier Parties and DCC during preparation of the IEPFR, please refer to the Timetable for Preparation publication:

Timetable for preparation


Deadlines for Supplier Parties

On 15 May 2015, DCC issued an Invitation to Supplier Parties to seek details of the SMETS1 meters that Supplier Parties wish to be included in the scope of the IEPFR.

As outlined in the below DCC notice published on 27  August 2015, DCC will continue to accept details of SMETS1 meters that Supplier Parties wish to be included in scope of the IEPFR until 27 November 2015.  For further information on how Supplier Parties should provide updates or additional responses, please refer to Annex B of that notice.  For convenience the table detailing deadlines can be seen below.

DCC Notice 27th August 2015

EA deadlines

Invitation to Suppliers

The Invitation to Suppliers issued by DCC on 15 May 2015 is below.

Invitation to suppliers

Response document

Response spreadsheet

FAQs and clarification questions

DCC is publishing FAQs about its Enrolment and Adoption programme. We also provide DCC's responses to clarification questions received in relation to the Invitation to Suppliers. We plan to update them regularly.

FAQs issue 1

FAQs issue 2

FAQs issue 3