Dual Band Communications Hubs

A smart metering installation usually includes gas and electricity smart meters, an In Home Display (IHD) and a Communications Hub (Comms Hub). These devices will communicate with each other via a Home Area Network (HAN) which is generated by the Comms Hub.

The Comms Hub that will be rolled out in 2016 will have a single band 2.4 GHz HAN frequency. In some instances DECC, now known as BEIS, has determined that an additional variant of Comms Hub will be required, which uses a HAN frequency of 868MHz along with the existing 2.4GHz frequency: a Dual Band Comms Hub.

Current activities

On 16 March 2015 DECC directed DCC to complete an impact assessment on delivering the Dual Band Comms Hub solution.

Following receipt of the direction, DCC has worked closely with the Communications Service Providers (CSP) to develop an approach to deliver the Dual Band Comms Hub Impact Assessment. At this stage DCC envisages being able to report on the findings of the Impact Assessment in autumn 2015.

BEIS Direction