Future Service Development

As the provider of the centralised data and communications services that underpin smart metering, DCC has a crucial role in supporting the industry to deliver the smart meter rollout and help enable wider changes to the industry.

Since 2013, DCC's focus has been exclusively on the development, implementation and operation of the smart metering system. With the system now live and SMETS2 meters being installed, how DCC services should develop over the next forthcoming years to enable and respond to the needs of an industry witnessing profound changes becomes of increasing importance.

Through our Development Plan we share with industry our thinking on trends and factors affecting the industry and by extension, DCC; our emerging strategic priorities and the shift we are making to become a business focused on delivering high-performing, cost effective business-to-business services for our customers.

DCC development plan 2018/19 - 2022/23

This year's development plan has been informed through a series of customer engagement and we thank all those who have contributed.  We have used customer feedback and a review of our performance to help set and refine our strategic development priorities. Those priorities, which are aligned with our wider Business Plan priorities include:

  • Providing reliable, scalable services and products that work every time and new solutions that extend coverage, reach and improve functionality
  • Exploiting technology and new ways of working to deliver continual improvement and cost reduction
  • Ensuring appropriate flexibility, functionality and accessibility in our services to help unlock the benefits of a smart energy system in an economical way.
  • Supporting programmes that will influence and enable industry transformation
  • Reducing costs and delivering value for our customers by exploring and encouraging opportunities for re-use of the communications infrastructure in other markets.

Within the remainder of the development plan we include:

  • An introduction to DCC
  • Our review of the context in which DCC needs to develop - including horizon scanning and feedback from industry
  • Our planned service development initiatives

Download the development plan here

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